Our Winners' Circle

Peterheads Winners' Circle is a group of our specially chosen leaders from our Year 7 & Year 8 classes. These are students who have consistently shown leadership and initiative throughout their years at Peterhead School.  With this honour comes also responsibility and a commitment to the school and their peers.  These students are our role models for our young tamariki but also a supporting back bone to our entire school.  These students cover duties, help to run and organise school events and house gatherings, represent Peterhead when required and demonstrate consistant use of our 3 kete beliefs.

Congratulations to our 2020 Winners' Circle

Shanika, Shyla, Payten, Tui, Maraea, Kyla, Myrah, Paeahua, Zion, Neeco, Carter, Bryan, Tempryss, Charlotte,

Ezra-Leigh, Keani, Tanae, Mary-Anne, Viggo, Pahlyss, Brooke

Absent: Pania-Rose, Toataua