We expect that students at Peterhead School will have a neat and tidy standard of presentation which will be maintained at all times.


The correct school uniform will be worn appropriately at all times.  

This includes sports uniforms.   Please make sure all torn or dirty clothing is repaired and washed


At Peterhead this means that students are not permitted to have or display the following:

  • Hair styles that are ‘fashion statements’ i.e. 

    • no  gel, wax, cream, conditioner or oils in hair

    • no dye in hair

    • no shaved pieces or patterns in hair including lines

    • no extreme styles e.g. Mohawks, ‘any sort of tails’ or extended pieces of hair at the back of the neck.

Parents are to ensure that any hair styles from the holidays are corrected BEFORE the first day back at school.


  • Nail polish or makeup, or coloured lip products


  • Piercings other than unobtrusive ear studs (one per ear lobe only permitted).   

  • This includes no nose, tongue, eye, lip, navel or any other types of body piercing or ear stretchers.


  • No other jewellery apart from wrist watches.




  • Taonga must be worn inside the uniform and must be long enough to be inside their school t-shirt.   This is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement. 

Charlotte and Stevie-Rae showing us how our Peterheaad uniform should be worn. 

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Our Uniform & Expectations

Peterhead Uniform Code

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