Our Kapa Haka & Pasifika

Te Whai            Hiringa!

All students of Peterhead School actively participate in the arts and culture of Maori through Kapa Haka ensuring that Te Reo me nga tikanga are handed down as it was done in the past.  Our Kapa Haka and Pasifica students are a rich tapestry of the diverse cultures that make up Peterhead School.  Our stunning performance groups represent Peterhead at many different festivals, perform for special events and welcome visitors to the school.  

Matua Henry Heke has been our Kapa Haka tutor for over 8 years.  He attended the performing arts school Te Wānanga Whare Tapere o Takitimu and toured with Kahurangi NZ Maori Dance company.  Henry has many strings to his bow including a Bachelor of Arts, Post graduate in business commerce and even has his own cooking show with his lovely wife Monique.

Joyce Ah Kiong is our Pacifica Tutor.  She has a love for dance and comes from a strong Samoan whanau.  Her and her husband William are dedicated members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints of which her husband is the bishop.