Our School Timetable​

Peterhead School has 4 syndicates, Kakano (Juniors), Māhuri (Middles), Rākau (Seniors), and Taiohi (Intermediates).  To cater to the needs of all students on our role we run two separate timetables for the Junior School and Senior School.  This allows our Junior and Middle students to have full access to the play areas at break times and provides more space and freedom to play within their age range.  Our Senior and Intermediate students then also enjoy the time allowed to them without our little ones underfoot and each syndicate gets to enjoy full resources of the field, basketball courts and play areas in their individual break time.  This new timetable was trialled in the first term of 2017 and has been well received with both staff and students.

Rakau & Taiohi




8.55 am        School day begins

10.15 am      Morning Tea Break

10.30 am      Class time resumes

12.00 pm      Lunch Break

12.30 pm      Class time resumes

2.15 pm        Recreation Break

2.35 pm        Class time resumes

2.45 pm        School day finishes

Kakano & Mahuri





8.55 am        School Day begins

11.00 am      Morning Tea Break

11.25 am      Class time resumes

12.30 pm      Lunch Break

1.30 pm        Class time resumes

2.45 pm        School day finishes

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