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 Origin of Peterhead

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To understand the origins of the name Peterhead we must first understand how the name came to be in Flaxmere.  Flaxmere was built to cater to the housing demand of Hastings.  Flaxmere was intended to be an upper-middle class subdivision but because land was subdivided into smaller lots it turned into a low income neighbourhood.  In the beginning the local council decided that to influence prospective upper-middle class families to make the move to this new subdivision they built attractive schools, stunning parks and named the streets after English and Scottish towns.

Peterhead is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  It is Aberdeenshire's largest settlement, having a population of 19,000 at the 2001 Census.  Peterhead sits at the easternmost point in mainland Scotland.  Peterhead was founded by fishermen and was developed as a planned settlement.  In 1593 the construction of Peterhead's first harbour, Port Henry encouraged the growth of Peterhead as a fishing port and established a based for trade.  The this day the town retains a relatively diverse economy, including food processing, textiles, service industries and still importantly, fishing.  Over 90,000 tonnes of fish, with a value of around £60m are now landed at Peterhead, which is still also base to over 550 fishermen.

It is important to acknowledge our tie to this Scottish city and the importance in relation to our history as a school.  An old whakatauaki reads;  If you do not know your past you cannot fully understand your future.  To know who you are is utmost importance to ones self. 




The house colours represent the colours of the Scottish flag and colours of the Coat of Arms of Aberdeen, the country and capital of the shire that Peterhead City belongs to.  

The names of each house represent four of the surrounding villages around Peterhead City.  They have been chosen due to their distinct strong Scottish names, the easy pronunciation and their relationship to Peterhead City from which our street and school name derives.  

Click on a House to learn about their banners and what they represent.

Our Houses

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Our Banners & their meanings

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