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Peleti Tuala-Fata

Talofa Lava, Kia ora and Greetings

I am of Samoan decent from the villages of Le'auvaa & Afega.  I am married, together my wife  and I have three children 2 who currently attend Peterhead with the last one to come this year .  I was brought up in Flaxmere, down the Ave and I will always have a heart for Paharakeke.


I have served on the board for the last 7 years and have loved learning about the processes of governing a school.  I think our school is amazing and our teachers are such hard working people.  I have recently become the Board Chairperson and I am enjoying this role.


I became a Board member to learn more about the ins and outs of how the school functions.  Being on the board, I have learnt a lot about governance of the school and the different ways that we, the whānau of the school, can support our children's learning.


I love Peterhead School because of the whānau feel that it has throughout the school which starts from management level follows through to the teachers and the our students.

Kia ora, ko Dene Kire taku ingoa.

I am a father of five and live with my wife and family in Flaxmere. I have a long history with Peterhead School starting with being a foundation pupil when Peterhead first opened.


My wife and our older children are also ex-students. Currently we have one child attending Peterhead School with our twins due to start in a few weeks. I was fortunate enough to be able to serve on the Board of Trustees when our two older children were students at Peterhead and once again enjoying being part of a great team that is working hard to ensure that Peterhead is doing the best that it can for our students, whanau and community.


Peterhead School’s three kete represent values that are important to me. An effective school grows lifelong learners that can think independently (Maramatanga), care for others and their environment (Manaakitanga) and have a strong sense of belonging (Whanaungatanga). If we can all work together as a whanau and community, to fill our kete, our children will be on track to growing to their full potential.


Naku noa, Dene Kire

Dene Kire
Member of the Board
Brenda Wainohu
Member of the Board

My Name is Brenda Wainohu I have served on the Board of Trustees for 10 Years now.  I married Paul Wainohu from Mohaka.  I am a Mother of 10 Children and 14 Grandchildren, in which all of my children and 7 of our Grandchildren have attended Peterhead school and still more yet to come.


I am of Cook Island and European decent, and was born of goodly parents and raised here in Kahungunu.  

I have lived in Flaxmere for over 35 Years and love seeing all the accomplishments of the students who have and are attending Peterhead School.  I have been apart of the school and have seen 2 Principles accomplish much during there time.

Peterhead staff work tirelessly to teach the children of our area.  Martin and Tineka set very high standards of all staff and student outcomes.

The Tamariki of Peterhead school come from all walks of life and Peterhead school has and will continue to create a safe place for learning and sharing.

Peterhead school teach valuable lessons, on Education, knowing who you are, and what you can become as well as all the everyday teaching that is required to do.

I have enjoyed my time serving our community and our Tamariki thus far, I have learnt alot about governance and am still eager to learn more as I continue to serve in this capacity as a board member.


Meitaki Ma'ata

Brenda Wainohu

My name is Herman Ah Kiong. This is my 1st term on the Board of Trustees for Peterhead School. I am of Samoan and Cantonese decent and whakapapa to the villages of Pesenga and Saleimoa. My Children have strong whakapapa links to Ngati Porou and Ngati Kahungunu. I have 3 children at Peterhead School.

I chose to be a BOT Rep because I myself (and all of my 5 siblings) am a former student, and I want to help maintain and enrich the high quality education that is delivered at Peterhead School.

Herman Ah Kiong
Member of the Board
Tracy 2.png

My Name is Tracy O'Sullivan.  I am the staff representation for Peterhead School.  I am married to Daniel and we have 2 children, Hayden is 10 years old and Zoe is 6 years old.  I am an experienced teacher with being in the classroom for the past 16 years working mainly in middle school but have experience in years 0-6.  I was born in Hawkes bay and grew up in Waipawa.  I left when I was 18 to study in Auckland but always wanted to come home.  We moved back in 2018. I became on the board to learn more about the school and the community.  

Tracy O'Sullivan
BOT Staff
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Kori Waerea
BOT Parent
Martin Genet


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